Florence vegetarian food: cooking class in Florence


Florence vegetarian food: cooking class in Florence

You can customise your cooking class or choose one of my“turnkey” programs.

Do not miss the opportunity, between a glass of wine and a funny chat, you’ll learn to make a several dishes from Italy, with focus to the Tuscany! 

Florence vegetarian food: cooking class in Florence, to learn how to create a rich and imaginative menu, From the appetizer to the second, with only vegetarian ingredients, up to a Gourmet presentation that will leave you with an open mouth.

Our menu is aimed at all people who want to discover exquisite vegetarian recipes, for those who want to broaden their knowledge of nutrition, for those who want to nourish themselves in a healthy, natural, respectful and economical way, for those who can not cook more than Much but would like to learn,

The main focus is dedicated to the discovery of seasonal vegetables, their peculiar characteristics and properties. Together with the chef Vary you will discover how to cook vegetables in order to better preserve their nutritional properties and enhance their taste to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Will together recipes of both tradition and innovative in which will enhance tastes and flavors of vegetables and cereals making them the absolute protagonists of your table.


Learn with fun with a COOKING DEMONSTRATION!
For small private groups untill big events at the auditorium

> Menu demonstration
> Technical demonstrations
> Launch of new tools
> Launch of cookbooks
> Tasting for food.


I don’t promise to “transform” you in “Chef” but I can assure you that just after 2 hours you are able to organize one amazing Italian dinner!


Are you sure that you know what you buy and what you eat?

Is better the “green Extra Virgin Olive” or clear yellow?
The Balsamic vinegar …. are you sure that is popolar everywhere in Italy?
What’s the difference between the bread from Florence and the bread from Naples?

These and thousands other questions……

Learn to know the italian food with MY EDUCATIONAL EVENTS!

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