Florence vegetarian cooking courses

Florence vegetarian cooking courses

Starts with our starters, traditional pasta dishes and appetising main courses!

If at the supermarket your favorite department is the fruit and vegetables, if you have the green thumb and the possibility to cultivate a piece of land, if you want to purify your organism by removing meat and fish, then this is the course for you: good, healthy, vegetarian!

The Florence vegetarian cooking courses of the chef Vary allows you to experience the pleasure of cooking together and creating a group, concluding every meeting with the tasting of exquisite vegetarian dishes prepared.

The fruits of the garden will be the undisputed protagonists of this course where they will be used in preparations of haute cuisine: The aim is to experiment with alternatives to animal products, to learn the richness, the nutritional properties and the versatility of vegetables, legumes and cereals.

They discover their qualities with unusual recipes and original them with fresh vegetables and other organic ingredients for tasty, balanced and digestible dishes.

By participating in our courses you will be able to share with many other beautiful people your passion for healthy food. You'll learn techniques and tips that will help you improve your diet.

The execution of the recipes, the practical tests are carried out in the environment equipped with specific equipment. At the end of the practical lesson where each participant contributes to the preparation is planned dinner together to evaluate the results.

All dishes suggested in our menù are without meat but included Milk, Cheeses, butter (any milk products) and Eggs.

If you want have hte menù that don’t include any animal derivates (as milk and derivates or eggs) you can choice our VEGAN site.

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